Download facebook lite apk4fun

Download facebook lite apk4fun

If you are owning a smartphone with modest RAM and small configuration, download facebook lite apk4fun will the best choice to eliminate the problem of surfing facebook extremely slowly

Especially for the lag network condition, surfing facebook will become worse. Facebook lite is considered as the latest facebook version which is extremely compact just with approximately 1MB. For this, it allows users to surf facebook extremely fast without consuming network capacity.

Download facebook lite apk4fun
Download facebook lite apk4fun

Download facebook lite apk4fun – Surfing facebook extremely fast and economizedly

Using facebook lite is the best way helping you join in the world’s biggest social network. This tiny version of Facebook get extremely popular from users. It still allows users to freely do activities such as updating news; pressing like or commenting; updating everything in News Feed; sharing statuses under emotion and wonderful photos or albums to everyone; also, you can create, edit and update profile or profile picture,….With facebook lite, you can chat with friends, chat in group without needing to use messenger as full facebook version.

Facebook lite own the modest capacity just with 252KB helping you surf facebook extremely fast and save fees for network. Because many functions of facebook are designed as simply as posible, it doesn’t consume network source but it can still support users to access facebook in the bad network connecting condition or somewhere just supporting 2G network. For this, in the limited network area, you can still surf facebook, comment, share pictures or apdate statuses,…

Download facebook lite apk4fun1
Download facebook lite apk4fun1

The main functions of download facebook lite apk4fun

– Allowing to free download and easily installing

– Supporting to create, edit, update profile or profile picture

– Supporting to take messages, chat in group; like, comment in the updated statuses; allowing to update emotion status, share picture or update information from every other facebookers

–  Adding more friends to the friend list by sending a request

– User interface is simplified and becomes more exquisite

–  Supporting to surf facebook faster and more smoothedly for common smartphones with  small configuration

– Supporting to access to the world’s biggest social network in 2G network condition or bad network connection speed

– Saving internet capacity

– Supporting multilanguages

Download facebook lite apk4fun2
Download facebook lite apk4fun2

If you realize that the full facebook version on your mobile is at the very slow operation, let try download facebook lite apk free 4fun. I make sure that you will get surprised at the loading speed of the latest tiny facebook version.


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