Download facebook lite apk version terbaru

Recently, Facebook – the world’s biggest social network branch just give new facebook lite version with a compact design and some streamlined functions helps users experience Facebook faster, smoother.

Download facebook lite apk version terbaru to try and update very interesting things of the special facebook version.


Download facebook lite apk version terbaru – A compact Facebook version to surf Facebook very quick

Using facebook lite is the best measure for you to experience facebook faster, save internet costs. As its name, facebook lite is designed compactly with less capacity, onlyđ 252KB, it uses less data network to load facebook and run best even weak or 2G network. The facebook version is very useful for low RAM and configuration smartphone.

Although it is a stripped down version of Facebook, Facebook Lite still offers facebook basic feature experiences that help users interact and connect with others in the global social network comfortably. You can like, comment, message, share image, video, check in,… You also have your own facebook, update profile, avatar as Facebook full version. Especially, Facebook lite allows users chat, message diretcly but no need messenger.


Download facebook lite apk version terbaru to try the following activities:

– Load facebook faster and smoother

– Free to chat, send and recieve message from your friends as other free apps

– Recieving notification when your friends like or comment your status or post

– Following your friends’s Facebook activities

– Sharing information and update imgae, video with everyone

– Using less data network

– Installing very quickly becasue the app has small capacity, about 252KB

– Loading news feed faster

– Opreating effectively with data network packets

– Tobe designed for 2G network and limited internet area or unstable network


With download facebook lite apk version terbaru, you never get trouble in loading Facebook lag or slow. Facebook lite will give users facebook experiences with high speed, surfing faster. It also helps usesr save network costs.

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