Uninstall Facebook to make your device run more quickly

Have you thought that your android device works much more slowlier because of the installation of an app?

You have disabled all app working on the background but your device’s battery life is drained out rapidly in a short time of accessing facebook.

Uninstall facebook to make your android device work more quickly.

The loading screen of the Facebook application on a mobile phone is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny

The culprit that makes your device work slowly and drains device’s battery life during a long time of accessing facebook is no one but Facebook and its accompanying app messenger.

The reason why facebook drains device’s battery life rapidly is that this app always runs on the background even when you quit it. In addition, when you log in your personal account, its accopanying app, messenger runs simultaneously. Because notifications or messages are updated to users even when you turn off your device, the app needs to consume a huge amount of battery for this feature.

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A recent experiment that compares the performance of an android device on which facebook and messenger are running and the another one whose those apps has been uninstalled has shown that the one which has been removed two social network apps is 15% faster than the forrmer and the operation productivity is also improved greatly.

Relpacing the original app with the much more lightweight one, Facebook lite

facebook lite apk download for system android little data

Listening to the complaints of users, the developers of facebook has launched the stripped- down version Fb lite apk with the basic features of the social network to introduc the much more lightweight version of social network app.

At first, fb lite apk was launched only for devices with low- configuration, but in order to meet the demands of users, Fb lite has been available on all kinds of configuration.

Besides, due to the fact that Fb lite is less than 1MB in size, the performance of device is quicker without the problems such as getting hot when access the app. In addition, with FB lite, you do not have to download the accompanying app, messenger.

If you are interested, you can download aplikasi facebook lite  to your device to try.


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