The differences between Facebook Lite and the originak facebook.

Facebook Lite was launched with the aim of supporting the original versionra.

Facebook Lite  terbaru has the more boring interface than the original Facebook and it’s even so simple compared to the interface of Facebook on web platform.

In addition, many important features are removed, which make this social network app become less attractive.

The aim of FacebookLite

The major aim of Facebook Lite  apk is to support accessing social network with 2G connection or low-speed internet connections. The speed of loading news, starting up, logging in, loading comments, uploading photos of Facebook lite has achieved many progresses.

In fact, when the internet connections are too weak and users need to use Facebook, they only care about how to load new news, load comment quickly or comment, upload photos without waiting too long.

This is not the first time the biggest social network in the world make the effort to introduce a lightwweight and compact version.

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Through what Fb Lite has performed, we have to accept that Facebook has made positive efforts to develop a social network app espcially for Android devices with low- configuration and the places where internet connections are slow. However, the biggest social network in the world still has many things to do to improve the stripped- down version of Facebook app, especially in term of the speed.

Let’s download free Facebooklite app to your device to use and experience more.


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