The new features of FB lite android

Having been released for trial on a small scale, up to this point, the new like button has appeared on the timeline of most users having an facebook account.

In early February, Facebook users felt excited about the fact that thr like button is no longer boring as it was in the former version. Maintaing the typical like, now there are other five reactions included in the like button, which makes users surprised when using and fosters the interaction among accounts.

So, with this new feature, apart from “Like”, users can freely choose five different reactions including Love, haha, Wow, Sad and Angry .

Facebook Lite 9app free download apk for mobile1
Facebook Lite 9app free download apk for mobile1

Use the new like button on facebook

In order to use this feature, users of Android and IOS OS do not have to update the new version, this feature will be automatically integrated in your facebook account.

You tap and hold the like button, then select a reaction, so you have just reacted to the posts of your friends. With those who access Facebook on PC, just hover the mouse cursor over the Like and wait for the reactions to appear, choose a reaction you want to express by clicking on it.

Facebook Lite 9app free download apk for mobile
Facebook Lite 9app free download apk for mobile

The new features of Facebooklite

The new features are not only developed for the original Facebook app but they are also updated regularly on the stripped- down version- FB lite android. This is a good news for users of the latter version .

If previously, you always felt unhappy with the photos that are not so clear and sharp, then with this new update version, you can zoom the photo in and drag to move it as you wish because the photos are no longer immovable like before.

In addition, in this new updated version, FB lite is able to run on most android 2.2 or higher devices. Therefore, the users of android devices with high configuration who want to save on RAM or students wanting to save the expenses of 3G data spent on web browsing can download free aplikasi Facebook lite to their devices.

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