Turn off the notifications on facebook

Have you felt annoyed with unimportant notifications sent to your account and make your notification board full so it’s difficult to find the important notifications you need to read.

How can you eliminate those notification out of your account? facebook, recently has rolled out a the feature that enables facebook users to manage their notifications as wished.

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The way to turn off facebook messenger notifications

To disable notifications, you select a conversation, then tap on the icon on the right of the screen. On Menu Settings, select Notification then choose the period of time you want to turn off the notification. So you will not be disturbed by messages in the period of time you have chosen.

Turning off notifications is the feature that was also integrated on the stripped- down version Fb lite terbaru


For those who use the stripped- down version of fb – facebook lite for android, they can turn off all unimportant notifications sent to your personal account with a simple action.

Right on the notification board of fb lite apk, there’s always an option “mark as read”, you can read through all notifications that are important to you, then use this “mark as read” feature of facebook lite terbaru to remove all unnecessary notifications so that you will not see them again in the next time of accessing fb lite versi terbaru.

Fb lite for android also offers many more interesting features. If you feel curious about this stripped- down version, download it to your device now.



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